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Attaboy, Tomboy

Somebody suggested that I just give my account to a friend to babysit and make them change the password - so that’s what I’m doing! Slight change of plan, I know. It may only last for a month, but in any case, bye bye tumblerinos <3

How can I perv on you if your blog is gone? =(

Asked by Anonymous

Perv through the medium of instagram

can you just leave the blog here, not updating? sometimes i also desperately need to go offline, but then i just abandon things, not delete them.

Asked by sudkarak

I’d like to remove the temptation to ever get back into it though. And I’d still probably spend more time than I’d like scrolling through my dashboard if I kept it!


Asked by czech-yoself

I’m just getting worse at updating. And I’m trying to reduce the amount of time that I spend online because, with being on it all day at work, it’s all just too much internet and I get nothing done. I need to read books again. I need to go outside! I have fond memories of outside…

Gonna delete my tumblr this evening. So long peeps!

Kaiden. Non binary. Come talk to me? I love conversation.


queer & brown in chi town…
#black love #qtpoc #latin@ #kiss #chicago

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I like dis shirt